SPIKEVAXTM(elasomeran mRNA vaccine)

Resources for Canadian Healthcare Professionals and Patients

SPIKEVAX (elasomeran mRNA vaccine) is indicated for active immunization against coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID‑19) caused by the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS‑CoV‑2) virus in individuals 6 months of age and older.

The current SPIKEVAX vial and carton labels are not Canadian-specific, as global, English-only labels are being used for the Canadian market.

For more information, please see the Health Product Risk Communications below.

Please find helpful resources for SPIKEVAX below. Check back as we update with additional educational content as it becomes available.

0.20 mg/mL Drug Identification Number (DIN): 02510014

0.10 mg/mL Drug Identification Number (DIN): 02527685

Storage, Handling, Dosage and Administration
SPIKEVAX Product Monograph
Frequently Asked Questions


Proper Vial Swirl Technique for SPIKEVAX (elasomeran mRNA vaccine)

This video is intended to be used to show a proper vial swirl technique for SPIKEVAX (elasomeran mRNA vaccine).

This video is intended to be used to show proper dosing and administration techniques for SPIKEVAX and is intended for healthcare professionals only.

Content portrayed in this video is only for instructional purposes. Actual handling and product manipulation should be performed in accordance with the Product Monograph and Health Canada-approved label, local regulations, and standard operating procedures.

Please contact 1-866-MODERNA (1-866-663-3762) with any inquiries pertaining to the content of this video.

For illustrative purposes only. Actual SPIKEVAX not shown. Please see full Product Monograph for more details.

Swirl vial gently after thawing and between each withdrawal.

Do not shake. Do not dilute the vaccine.

Please see full Product Monograph for more details.


Product Concerns

All designated vaccination sites need to maintain security around the storage of SPIKEVAX Bivalent within their facilities.

Make sure that vials of SPIKEVAX Bivalent arrive and are stored in their original packaging. If you suspect that the SPIKEVAX Bivalent you have purchased may be counterfeit, if there are any irregularities with packaging, and/or with the arrival of the shipments, please contact us at 1‑866‑663‑3762 or visit www.modernatx.com, or report a complaint to Health Canada.

Vial Expiration Checker

Find the expiration date here for any vial of Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine through the LOT number of the vial

Reporting Adverse Events

Managing marketed health product-related side effects depends on healthcare professionals and patients reporting them. Any serious or unexpected side effects in patients receiving SPIKEVAX Bivalent should be reported to your local Health Unit.

If a patient experiences a side effect following immunization, please complete the Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFI) Form appropriate for your province/territory and send it to your local Health Unit.

In addition, you can report side effects to Moderna at Adverse Event Intake Portal or by calling 1-866-MODERNA (1-866-663-3762).